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Living in Your Power

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

To live in your power 💪🏽 doesn’t mean that you won’t get off track 🛤at times. None of us are perfect, because if we were, we would have no need for anythI got.

We all need support, love, faith, courage, skills, get the point. Recognizing that we must readjust and replan from time to time is a good thing. When we lose our way during our life journey, it is not the time to give up!

We have the power to get back on track, recalibrate to continue living in our power.

So, when you see things are looking a little foggy, 🌫 and the road of your life path is not going in the direction you had planned, then take a detour 🔀to get back on track.

Stay Inspired!

Katrina Johnson

Information + Inspiration =


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Katrina Johnson
Katrina Johnson
Mar 28, 2021

Remember, you may face difficulties throughout your life but you have the power to overcome..

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