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What Motivates You?

How motivated are you to do what you want to do? On the new episode of The Katrina Johnson Show, titled What is Your Motivation? I talk about the connection between motivation and mindset. We all have a why for what we do what we do, but behind the why is motivation.

  • Michael Jordan’s motivation was failure. He spent hours practicing and once said when he got tired on the court he would visualize the varsity basketball list without his name

  • Oprah Windfrey’s motivation was responsibility.  She understood that she could accomplish big things in her life by owning her outcomes.

  • Steve Jobs’ motivation was mortality.  He always said that remembering he’ll be dead soon was the most important tool to help him make the big choices in life.

  • Walt Disney’s motivation was curiosity.  He was always about opening new doors and doing new things because as he said” we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.

  • Tony Robbins’s motivation was hunger- He said “If you look at the people who are most successful, they don’t just have a hunger for a while, they have a hunger or a lifetime.”

  • My motivation for why I do what I do is self-accountability- being self-accountable puts the responsibility on me as an individual to make good choices that will lead me to success in every area of my life. It’s knowing that I am to blame no one for my actions based on my choices. 

So, I ask again for you to think about what motivates you…

Don’t miss out on this episode packed with wisdom and inspiration so you, too, can live a growth mindset life.

🎧 Listen on the podcast here:

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